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Name:Neil Thorburn
Date:20 Mar 2021
Location:Engadine - Sydney
Comments:I just came across this site and thought I would post a YouTube link to a short visit to Tobermory with some history of the Thorburns from the Isle of Muck.
I hope interested people can access it.

Name:Lynda Johnson
Date:28 Apr 2016
Location:Nova Scotia Canada
Comments:My interest in the isle of Muck is that this was the place that my ancestors came from. The last name is MacKay. Your website has been very helpful. Thank you

Name:Kevin MacKinnon
Date:5 Nov 2014
Location:Boston MA USA
Comments:My MacKinnon family, which eventually settled in Mt Young, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Date:31 Oct 2014
Comments:I am a direct descendant of Margaret (peggy) Mckinnon marries Donald Gillies in Canna 1858

Name:Reinhold Muck
Date:19 Sep 2014
Location:München in South-Germany
Comments:Hello together, my family-name is MUCK and i think, i should come to this island.

Name:Carolyn MacKinnon-Snow
Date:25 Feb 2014
Location:Sydney,Cape Breton,NS
Comments:My ggg grandfather Neil MacKinnon and his wife Catherine MacMillan were from the Isle of Muck. They left Scotland in 1822, aboard the ship Commerce.They settled on Mount Yound,N.S. I see a Donald McKinnon from Winnepeg writes Neil MacKinnon, and wife Catherine were his gg grandparents. I would like to get in touch with other descendants of Neil and Catherine.

Name:Miriam Lambert
Date:19 Jan 2014
Location:Sooke, British Columbia, CA
Comments:I am a decendant of the Clan Cameron that came from this isle in the 1800\'s. Some day I would love to come for a visit! :)

Name:Ian Cameron
Date:10 Oct 2013
Location:United Kingdom
Comments:Very interesting indeed. I was born brought up in Skye and till now knew little or nothing about Muck although I spent some time on the MV Loch Arkaig in the early 60's when it was on the Small Isles service from Mallaig.

Name:Barbara Tringham
Date:2 May 2013
Location:London , UK
Comments:Donald Stewart (Lanark) searching for details of Alexander McDougall (dc 1911). I am his great grandaughter from his second marriage. If you read this get in touch as we do have some family tree research.

Name:Brian Muck
Date:27 Jan 2013
Location:Kentucky, USA
Comments:I would love to go visit the island. Just started researching it because of my last name. Very interesting stories.

Name:Ash Westmuckett
Date:22 Jan 2013
Comments:Hello, our family loses its history line in the mid 1700s and I was wondering if our last name had anything to with the island, I do know that at some point we are of Scottish ancestry but most of our records are found in England. Thanks!

Name:wayne mackay
Date:5 Nov 2012
Location:vancouver, B.C.
Comments:related Donald (Dan) Mackay 1799 Isle of Muck. Great grandfather Allan Mackay 1835. Grandfather Angus H Mackay Mar. 3, 1872. Father Alexander Hugh Mackay Sept 7, 1921-Dec 23, 2011.

Name:Wallace Poole
Date:31 Aug 2012
Location:Rothwell, Qld, Australia
Comments:Very interesting, I think I would enjoy a trip to all of Scotland including Muck. My history is connected to the Orkney Islands via the of Isbister

Name:Crinan Alexander
Date:4 Aug 2012
Comments:I am trying to trace Arthur Walters who was doctor to the Small Isles, probably in the late 19th century. He married a local woman, Flora MacKinnon and they had at least one son. I\'m not sure if they lived in the Isles or in Mallaig. He was my great-great uncle, probably born around 1850.

Name:Nancy Lochner
Date:24 Jul 2012
Location:Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Comments:Enjoy history of Scotland and Hebrides. Thank you for your effort.

Date:29 Jun 2012
Comments:looking up a certain Charles Maclean who was an ensign in the 8th West India (I think under Brig-Gen Maclean of Brolas)... he married in 1795 but think he went to the W Indies immediately afterwards.

Name:Brenda Macdonald
Date:22 Jun 2012
Location:Sydney Australia
Comments:Great website. Hoping to visit Muck some day.

Name:Elizabeth Fearon
Date:19 Jun 2012
Location:halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Comments:Researching family history and Muck as a possible origin

Name:danielle mckay
Date:16 May 2012
Location:whitby ontario
Comments:wondering if there is any way of finding out the paasenger list for the ship Commerce 1822 from Tobermory to Plaster rock Nova Scotia?? Thanks danielle

Name:Pat Marshall
Date:2 May 2012
Location:Stirling, Ontario
Comments:I "think' my daughter in law may be decended from Margaret McMillan, daughter of Neil and if so, she married a Neil Stewart from Ainslee Lake, Cape Breton.
Would anyone be researching this same family?

Name:Irene Rose
Date:4 Mar 2012
Comments:Would love to be in touch with the daughters of David Jones.We my sisterMavis and I visited Muck before our brother was killed .Have been back but will visit again. Love to hear from any of you

Name:Donald J.O. MacKinnon
Date:29 Feb 2012
Location:Calgary Alberta
Comments:Visited Muck this past August. Duncan MacKinnon and his son Alexander, who arrived in East Lake Ainslie Cape Breton in 1828, are my great-great-great grandfather and great-great-grand father repectively. The remains of the villages and burial grounds were haunting. I\'ll be going back again.

Name:Ian Cameron
Date:10 Oct 2013
Location:United Kingdom
Comments:Very interesting indeed. I was born brought up in Skye and till now new little or nothing about Muck although I spent some time on the MV Loch Arkaig in the early 60's when it was on the Small Isles service from Mallaig.

Name:Melissa Thompson
Date:3 Feb 2012
Location:Ontario, Canada
Comments:My GG-grandfather Donald McKay came to Cape Breton from Isle of Muck with his parents (Donald & Christine McKay) and four siblings in 1828. I was wondering if there is any way to find the marriage records of Donald & Christine. I do not know her maiden name. The family was Presbyterian. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Name:Donald McKinnon
Date:3 Aug 2011
Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Comments:I visited Muck 7-9 May 2002. My gg grandfather Neil MacKinnon and his wife Catherine MacMillan came from there to Cape Breton in the early 1800s. I hope to return one day soon.
I believe Donald passed away in Jan 2013

Name:Melanie McKellar
Date:15 Apr 2011
Comments:Re my comment Sep 2009, looks like I may have connected with another family member which is quite exciting. Would still love to hear from anyone with information on McKays or McDonald families from Muck who moved first to Eigg 1830's to 1840's. Donald McKay was a crofter possibly on Muck, his wife was a Katherine McDonald d/o Archibald McDonald and Mary McKay. Katherine died in Dec 1861 at Sandavore, Eigg.
ANY info or leads to research would be very welcome! Y

Name:Donald Stewart
Date:11 Apr 2011
Location:Lanark, Scotland
Comments:I am researching my Stewart ancestry.Alexander McDougall who was a retired farm greive at Gallanach in 1911 figures in my research. I am having difficulty finding his death. His second wife, Margaret Brown, died in 1912 at the Manse, Eigg. They had a son Donald who drowned in the 1895 boating accident off Horse Island. Can anyone help? Is there a grave yard on Muck?

Name:Jim Murray
Date:11 Mar 2011
Location:Alberta, Canada
Comments:We spent a couple days on Eigg in 2010. It was good to see the Glebe farmhouse and the grave of Malcolm MacAskill and to walk accross the island. Our return to Mallaig was via Muck, but we were confined to the ferry boat due to the quick turnaround. I am really looking forward to a return visit in 2012 and especially to spend some time on Muck. Incidentally, my mother spent (Margaret Helen Watt) spent a few years living on Canna in the 1920's as my grandfather, Francis Watt Sr had moved there from Crovie in Banffshire. My mothers, mother Mary Anne Watt was descended from John MacLean of Muck. I wonder if there is any way of finding any more information about Canna in the 1920's and particular births, as I believe my uncle, Francis Watt was born there. I believe that Francis and Mary Anne moved there because of Mary Anne's family connections.

Name:Jim Murray
Date:11 Mar 2011
Location:Alberta, Canada
Comments:Since my earlier posting in 2003, I have done a lot more research on my genealogy. What I have found is that there are often inconsistencies and mis-qoutes which tend to lead me in the wrong direction. However, whoever corrected that Sarah was the daughter of Malcolm seems to be correct, even though I had two citations that say she was a daughter of Malcolm MacAskill. Anyhow, what I have now found is that it was Jean, daughter of Malcolm and his first wife (daughter of Rev Murdoch MacLeod of Glenelg) who married John Maclean of Muck. If anyone has contrary information please let me know and if possible direct me to where the correct information can be found. - Rev. Malcolm MacAskill died in 1787, so Sarah who was born ~1806 couldn't have been his daughter. In 1919 when John's daughter Catherine died her mother is recorded as Marion MacAskill. (Marion and Sarah are interchangeable names). Marion is also in the 1841 census aged 35 with her husband John.

Name:colin mc dougall
Date:10 Mar 2011
Location:maple ridge bc

Name:mary nurse
Date:7 Mar 2011
Location:dartmouth nova scotia
Comments:i have been looking for info on my gggrandparents charles and mary fraser(macinnis) of cape mabou nova scotia any info would much be appreciated thank you mary

Name:Susan Jones (now Lockhart)
Date:15 Dec 2010
Comments:I would very much like to get in contact with Irene Rose from the post below. My father was David Jones, I'm the youngest of the 4 girls. Would be very interested to meet any of my father's relatives.

Name:Diana Mac Kinnon
Date:29 Oct 2010
Location:Cape Breton
Comments:Searching the web for family history and came across your site. We are planning a visit there in the near future

Name:kevan mcneil
Date:28 Oct 2010
Comments:At Greenock on board,thinking of where id rather be!The Isle of Muck! Thats where,

Date:27 Aug 2010
Comments:Great website had to find out about it for school Really helpful.

Name:Allan Maclean
Date:5 Aug 2010
Comments:Interesting to see the comment from Jim Murray about Sarah McCaskill. I think we are following the same line. My line came from: John McLean b.1839 d.11/12/1915 m.18/8/1860 to Margaret Nicol b.27/9/1831d.25/5/1907 Interested in tracing back further. Great site. Allan

Name:Dean White
Date:24 Jul 2010
Location:Calgary Alberta
Comments:I am from the family of Jane Macdonald of Isle of Muck and would love to contact anyone with genealogical information. Great website. Thanks.

Name:irene rose
Date:18 Jul 2010
Location:kilburn derbyshire
Comments:Love to visit muck again.My brother and family lived in muck for several years but was killed some years ago in an accident on the muck boat. His name was David Jones his wife Ness or Doreen and their 4 girls

Name:Glen Crawford
Date:15 Jul 2010
Location:Gold Coast, Australia
Comments:Found your website today, came home and dug out my family genealogical records, and as I remembered, I'm a direct descendent of James and Susannah Thorburn. (There's a small side note on records my aunt Joy Thorburn sent me) Alexander Thorburn b1822 is my great grandfather. He and his wife Isabella McKinnon emigrated to Australia and had 7 children. He died 31/12/1914 and is buried in Lismore NSW. I have now added Muck to my 'bucket list' of things to do and places to see, along with castle Crawford on the mainland.

Name:Jim Shackelford (James Duncan)
Date:13 Jul 2010
Location:Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Comments:I am apparently descended from Edward Campbell and Margaret McLean of the Isle of Muck. John Campbell went to Nova Scotia, and his granddaughter Mary Jane Campbell married Frank Allen Shackelford, my great grandfather.

Name:Ryan Grant
Date:6 Jul 2010
Comments:Hello i am also looking for John Murdoch MacMillan their daughter married into my Adams tree, thanks!

Name:Rob Miller
Date:16 Jun 2010
Comments:I liked your site

Name:Sharon Lee Campbell/Hunchak
Date:2 Jun 2010
Comments:I am looking for my grandfathers birth place,thought it might be the Isle of Muck

Name:William Arnott
Date:22 May 2010
Location:Winnipeg, manitoba, Canada
Comments:my history comes from muck

Name:Sandy Gray
Date:26 Apr 2010
Location:Portree, Isle of Skye
Comments:Good Evening. I am Researching my family tree and have identified a grt grt grt grandmother by the name of Marion Campbell born circa 1791 in Muck. Her fathers name was Neil Campbell (Weaver) and mother Chirsty Campbell nee Mackay. Marion married a Donald Beaton on 20.02.1835 in Portree and had 3 sons to him.Would you have any infromation on Neil Campbell or his wife Chirsty.

Name:Jo Currie
Date:23 Mar 2010
Comments:I am the author of books about the island of MULL. I was a Librarian in Special Collections, Edinburgh University Library, and among our more interesting MSS was a Catechist's List, dated 1764-5 of the Parish of Eigg, which in fact covered the Small Isles - including Muck & Canna. The shelfmark is MS.LaIII 839. The catechist had been asked to identify Catholics (or 'Papists' as they are called in the notebook). Mr McCaskill the Minister, was proselytising for the Church of Scotland, but hadn't managed to convert many of the residents of Muck. Whether the List was made with the intention of evicting Catholic tenants & subtenants or not, it was certainly used to this end, as there are notes about taking farms from tenants and letting them to protestants. Inhabitants of Muck found themselves being evicted at Whitsunday 1765. If your ancestors went to N. America around this time, it is likely that they were part of this 'cleansing' process. The families are listed in separate groups of protestants & catholics. There are 2pp of Muck 'Papists' with their names & ages. The hand is difficult to read.

Name:Elizabeth Bennett
Date:12 Mar 2010
Location:Cape Breton, Canada
Comments:I have started a MacKinnon DNA project. My own MacKinnon ancestor came from Skye, and we have two Barra MacKinnon's who have joined as well. I would like to have MacKinnon's from the other islands as well but all MacKinnon's are welcome. Please contact me if you are interested.

Name:Joyce MacMillan Ginther
Date:21 Feb 2010
Location:Burlington, On CA
Comments:My parents, John Murdock MacMillan and Kenina MacPhail were both born in Nova Scotia. I know that their ancestors originated from the Isle of Muck and the Isle of Rum, Scotland. I am just getting started in tracing my family tree.

Date:23 Nov 2009
Location:Marseille (France)
Comments:All thoughts to izzy and to Muck

Date:9 Nov 2009
Location:Colorado, USA
Comments:Love your little slice of heaven, maybe some day I will come calling.

Name:Robert Thorburn
Date:14 Oct 2009
Location:Bateman's Bay, NSW, Australia
Comments:I was looking through the Muck Guestbook and I noticed the entry of Mrs. Paddy Neville of Surrey, England dated 21.12.2005. I can offer this information. Ebenezer Bradshaw THORBURN b 30.12.1831 at Barr, Girvan d 15.4.1873 at Oban (buried Tobermory, Mull) married Isabella Tait JOHNSTON on 24.10.1856 at Mingary, Ardnamurchan b 1836 at Longforgas, East Lothian d 7.8.1872 at Isle of Muck (buried Tobermory, Mull)(F: Charles Johnston M: Wilhelmina BRYDON). They had two children Wilhelmina THORBURN b 13.2.1857 at Ardnamurchan m 1885 and James THORBURN b 26.2.1859 at Isle of Muck d 1.2.1921 at Camperdown (Sydney) NSW m Mary Ann KNOWLES in 1884 at Balmain (Sydney) NSW d 1899 at Balmain. Hope that you may see this message.

Name:Melanie McKellar
Date:25 Sep 2009
Comments:looking for info on Mary McKay d/o Donald McKay & Catherine McDonald, wife of Malcolm McKinnon mother of Donald McKinnon!Cheers

Name:Charles B. Stearns
Date:20 Sep 2009
Location:everett washington usa
Comments:thank you. muck came up in my wife's ancestry

Name:Lynda Delainey
Date:4 Sep 2009
Location:Maple Ridge B.C.
Comments:I am from the MacMillan line that sailed on the Commerce. My ancestors settled on the East coast to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I reside on the West Coast.

Name:tiep smith
Date:29 Jul 2009
Comments:Unless I am forgetting things past I think that the Revd Angus MacKinnon who was minister (in the fifties) at St Columba Gaelic Church in Glasgow was born on the Isle of Muck where his father was Lay Preacher or Lay Agent. luceo

Name:Jim Watson
Date:19 May 2009
Location:Great Broughton, N Yorks
Comments:Just to advise that there is a vast amount of family genealogical information available from the website Scotlandspeople

Name:Jim Watson
Date:19 May 2009
Location:Great Broughton, N Yorks
Comments:I am a distant relation of David Weir who died in the boating accident in 1895 off Horse Island. His wife, a school teacher, was Grace Bryson, originally from Ayrshire, where her family, which was vast, were tenant farmers. David and Grace had 4 children, the last born in Derby after David's death. Two other people died in the same accident, John Rae Carmichael, a cashier from Leith, and Donald MacDougall aged 18, son of Alexander and Margaret MacDougall. At the time of the 1901 census, Grace and her children were living Kildannavan School House in the Parish of North Bute.

Name:Chriss Butler
Date:10 Mar 2009
Location:Sheffield, England
Comments:What a beautiful peaceful place the island looks. My mum's maiden name was Grant. I am led to believe the Island is where her ancestors originated from. One day I hope to visit.

Name:David & Marilyn Craig
Date:4 Mar 2009
Location:Waipu, New Zealand
Comments:Had a wonderfull few days at "The Isle" six mths ago. It would be worth coming back for the Homecoming if just to see Lawrence's beard shaven off!!

Name:linda copas-smith
Date:18 Feb 2009
Location:windsor nova scotia b0n 2t0
Comments:i am trying to locate name of ship my 3 greats grandfather was lost at sea in. it would be between years 1872-1881. his name was john curry and he was from falmouth ns his wife,s name was agnes amelia . he fathered 7 children. stories are the ship went down off bermuda but could be exageration. a clipping of ship called hope was in g grandmother,s bible also people say ship was called black coffin although i can't imagine . there was a ship called black watch which sailed from windsor ns a few miles from where he lived. also canning and hantsport as well as walton and cheverie are also possibles as these places are also close to his place of residense. his bithdate would have been 1837. if anyone can help me i would be so grateful. thanks linda

Name:Roy Maclean
Date:23 Jan 2009
Location:Aberdeen, Scotland
Comments:Nice site and very useful genealogy section. I am the great great grandson of John Maclean, born on the Isle of Muck in 1839. I would be very interested to hear from anyone with information on the Maclean’s of Muck. Hope to visit the isle in the near future. Best regards, Roy

Name:Lynda Delainey
Date:6th Dec 2008
Comments: (no message)

Name:Hermann Seyler
Date:2nd Dec 2008
Location:Hindelang in Bavaria, Germany
Comments:My congratulations for having constructed such a nice and informative website about Muck.

Name:Doris Magovern
Date:26th Nov 2008
Location:Massachusetts, USA
Comments:I could be related to William Reeves (entry 7/2007). My grandmother was a MacMillan and her family came over on the "Commerce" in 1822. They are descendants of Duncan MacMillan born 1701. I visited the Isle of Muck in 2001 and loved it.

Name:Linda Phillpott
Date:20th Nov 2008
Location:Canterbury, Kent, UK
Comments:Great website! Visited Muck approx 12 years ago for a whole week of basketmaking! Our group of 21 basketmakers doubled the island's population. Wonderful island. Hope to go back one day!

Name:Karen Williams
Date:25th Oct 2008
Location:Cape Breton NS
Comments:My Great Grandfather came to Cape Breton NS from Isle of Muck

Name:Bob Osterling
Date:8th Oct 2008
Location:Catawba Island, Ohio, USA
Comments:Beautiful island and web site Hope to visit soon

Name:john ewens
Date:23rd Sep 2008
Comments:i stayed on muck for 4 days in 2006 a beautiful peaceful island and i will return

Name:adrian dunn
Date:13th Sep 2008
Comments:i was looking at my family bible and noticed a connection to Hector McLean of the Isle of Muck. Your Island looks from yr photos very interesting. regards Adrian

Name:Håkan Larsson
Date:6th Sep 2008
Location:Hovmantorp SWEDEN
Comments:Have been on vacation in Scotland for two weeks in August this year. We are already planning for our next trip to Scotland in 2010. Muck will for sure be one of our goals.

Name:James A Singer
Date:20th Aug 2008
Location:FORT MYERS FL 33901
Comments:excellant website. My grandfather, Alexander MacDougall and his father,Angus, were born on Muck. My grandfather moved to Vancover,B.C. around 1918. Any information about the MacDougalls on Muck would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

Name:Nuala Haigh
Date:16th Aug 2008
Comments:i think muck is a realy cool place i use to live there in a cottage called carndurag.

Name:Jim McGibbney
Date:30th Jul 2008
Location:Brussels, Belgium
Comments:Still one of the islands to visit but an excellent web portal.
Thanks and Bon Jour Jim

Name:Keith Thorburn
Date:30th Jul 2008

Date:24th Jul 2008
Location:madrid- espana
Comments:muy interesante la visita virtual por la isla.gracias por toda la informacion

Name:Marcia Forney
Date:9th Jun 2008
Location:Denver, CO USA
Comments:sounds like a wonderful place to live and visit

Name:mike umunna
Date:5th Jun 2008
Comments:good work

Name:Robyn Georgina Ogdin
Date:3rd Jun 2008
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Comments:Thankyou so much for such an informative site. Yes! I am descendant from Christian and Neil McLean, agricultural and their son Duncan, a fisherman who went to Mull. What a hard life these people had. Only my great grandmother survived as all perished due to illness. I am so glad it is an environmental haven today.

Date:29th Apr 2008
Comments:hellow my name is deane davis i am from arderseir in inverness i am 15 i was at this castle about 10 years ago i found it very experiencing i went with my school and realy good

Name:Alexandrina Simpson
Date:7th Apr 2008
Location:Rotorua ,New Zealand
Comments:My ancestors came from Scotland to the Isle of Muck ten to Nova Scotia and finally settled in Waipu New Zealand

Name:George Fraser
Date:10th Feb 2008
Location:Brighton, ON
Comments:I am impressed with what you have done. I have two sisters who plan to visit Scotland this year so I am seeking information about Inverness-shire and Isle of Muck. Our ggggrandfather John Fraser married Marjorie MacKinnon from Isle of Muck abt 1775. The lived their lives in Cape Breton and likely died at Mabou, NS.George

Name:Paul McLean
Date:4th Feb 2008
Location:Bowral, N.S.W. Aust.
Comments:Very interesting and helpful for me

Name:Daði Kolbeinsson
Date:20th Nov 2007
Comments:Thank you and congratulations on the website; found you when doing some online genealogy, but have often sailed past but only landed once.

Name:Harriet Holmes
Date:19th Nov 2007
Comments:I am 14 years old and the great-grand daughter of Lachlan MacDonald, I am his daughter Marion's grand daughter.

Name:Bill Borland
Date:25th Oct 2007
Location:Michigan U.S.A.
Comments:You have a beautiful Island I was originally from mainland Uddingston but have spent 46 years in the U.S. God I wish I was there.

Name:Mark Wilkinson
Date:12th Oct 2007
Comments:Good web site, informative on a very obscure isle.

Date:11th Sep 2007
Location:Inverness-shire , Scotland
Comments:Researching the island for a school project - thanks for the help.

Name:Cherie Ali (previously Jones)
Date:11 Jul 2007
Comments:My family moved to Muck in 1976 when I was 5 and we lived there till 1988 when my father was killed in a boating accident. I would just like to say what a beautiful place Muck is and would recommend it to anyone visiting this website as a relaxing, friendly place to visit with great scenery. My memories of living there were always of good times and I try to go up now every year. xx

Name:William Reeves
Date:9th Jul 2007
Location:Valdosta GA, USA
Comments:I trace my line from the MacMillan's of the "Commerce" sailing to Cape Breton. This is a most informative website.

Name:colin c maclean
Date:8th Jun 2007
Location:Hillpark Edinburgh
Comments:sailed past Port Mhor the other day in glorious weather. Sorry could't put in as spent too much time on Rhum. Must visit soon (maybe from Arisaig)

Name:Michael Shamus Drysdale
Date:16th May 2007
Comments:Peace to everyone who visits this site..Is anyone familiar with any of the local surfing spots..? Thanks..!
NB there is nowhere suitable for surfing on Muck

Name:Donald Macdonald
Date:4th May 2007
Location:Rocklin, California USA
Comments:Wonderful web site. Easy to see why you love Muck. It has it's own unique scale and charm. I hope to visit next year.

Name:Mr Barrie Roberts
Date:3rd May 2007
Comments:nice site,thank you; please can you tell me where on the island is 'Carn Dearg'. my friends dave & libby will shortly be living there

Name:Bessie Flanders
Date:25th Apr 2007
Location:Nova Scotia
Comments:Just want to let ppl know of a new site which is the Historical Vital Statistics for Nova Scotia. You can see the original documents and also can purchase them quite reasonably. Just came on line month The census for 1901 and 1911 is at ago. Hope this helps many of you.

Name:J Robert MacIsaac
Date:Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
Location:18th Apr 2007
Comments:I found my many greats-father in the 1764-65 census at the age of 9. He sent 3 sons from Isle of Eigg to Nova scotia in ealy 1800's. I would love to visit the land he walked on and maybve born there. All the best to all of the current families. As a descendant of the Isle, my family remember you always.

Name:John MacKinnon
Date:1st Apr 2007
Location:Prince Edward Island,Canada
Comments:Fascinating web page. Our ancestors were "kelpers" on Muck and were evicted in 1828. Came on the "St Lawrence" to Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia (Cape Breton)

Name:Chriss Butler
Date:31st Mar 2007
Location:Sheffield, England
Comments:Have been told that my desc. originate from the Isle of Muck. Mothers maiden name was Grant. I am a big lover of Scotland and always holiday there a couple of times a year. It is so good I have found your wonderful site

Name:Donald J.O. MacKinnon
Date:25th Mar 2007
Location:Calgary Alberta Canada
Comments:I am a direct descendant of Alexander & Duncan MacKinnon who were passengers on the ship St. Lawrence. They are my great-great grandfather and great-great-great grandfather respectively. I have a few snippets of information in regards to the family history since then.

Name:Mary Brown Walker
Date:11th Feb 2007
Location:Salem, Oregon, USA
Comments:Thank you for the information you sent me on my grandfather, John Brown, Born 28 January 1881 in Coldstream. I know that he died in Scotland or England, probably between 1921 and 1924. Do you have any suggestions on finding this information?
Mary Brown Walker

Name:Louise Spellacy
Date:12th Jan 2007
Comments:Thank you, Concise,informative,friendly and the best site i have seen on the Isle of Muck. You reduced my research time 10 fold. Thank you Ann and Mother.

Name:terry gibson
Date:3rd Jan 2007
Location:cumbria england
Comments:me and my nephew stayed at the port mor guest house (we were both only 14 on an adventure) in 1982. could u please tell me who owned it then as they let us stay 3 nites for the price of 1 (bit short of money) great people would like to say thanks

Name:Matthew Gough
Date:18th Dec 2006
Location:Powys Wales
Comments:Really interesting site Muck seems a nice place

Name:Andrew MacLean
Date:10th Nov 2006
Location:Virginia, USA
Comments:Great site. Trace my name to Roderick MacLean of Rhum who was married to Anna MacIssac of Canna, and sailed to PEI, NS in 1810, ultimately residing Cape Mabou area. Any prior history to Roderick or Anna would be appreciated.

Date:10th Nov 2006
Comments:Nice site! I've enjoyed visiting it. Thanks for ur work.

Name:Karen Gibson
Date:29th Oct 2006
Location:New Zealand
Comments:Excellent page. I am personally looking for a George Gibson who we believe was either born or worked on Muck somewhere between 1825 and 1858.

Name:kris finch
Date:10th Sep 2006
Location:cheltenham, england
Comments:What a beautiful island, does anyone up there have room for a small one?

Name:Bessie Flanders
Date:27th Jul 2006
Location:Nova Scotia
Comments:I am a desc of Donald Mc/MacMillan son of Lauchlin 1 and Catherine of East Lake Ainslie, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Donald was married to Flora Johnson, their son was Lauchlin 2 who married Christy McMillan of St Ann's who goes back to Angus, brother of Lauchlin 1 are my lines. I have a pic of Christy.
Lovely to see this site, Anne. My friend and I are planning a visit next year. Will be back.

Name:Ally muck
Date:26th Jul 2006
Comments:Hi everyone nice place see you all soon

Name:Walter Campbell
Date:26th Jul 2006
Location:Cape May, NJ
Comments:My Great Grandfather,immigrated to US (Cape May) from Ireland in 1849. His two brothers,Michael and William,immigrated in 1850. I have not been able to determine what part of Ireland they came from. Enjoyed your site.
Walt Campbell

Name:Mary Brown Walker
Date:11th Jun 2006
Location:Salem, Oregon, USA
Comments:I came upon this interesting place while doing research on my grandfather, who was born somewhere in Scotland to Mary Ann Wallace Brown and John Brown in January 1881. My grandfather, also John Brown, immigrated to Canada, where he met my grandmother, Rosa Muriel Mary Neale. They married in 1909 in Canada. I know there are still family members somewhere in Scotland. Please let me know if you know who they are.
Mary Brown Walker

Name:David Jones <>
Date:9th May 2006
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Comments:Friends of mine who now live in Edinburgh told me during a phone call last week that they had booked a weekend on the Isle of Muck but had to cancel at the last minute. So I decided to search the Web and find out more. It looks a great place to visit and I hope to do so when I am next in the UK - probably in a year or two!

Name:Mgbada Ezeigbo <>
Date:11th Apr 2006
Location:Lome Togo
Comments:Hi just having a look about the site as a pal of mine from travelling was from this isle! Very interesting!

Name:Amy Nel <>
Date:9th Apr 2006
Location:South Africa
Comments:Went to Muck April 2006, stayed at Rosie's bunkhouse with Michael. So simple, so beautiful. Almost Utopian, but with a steel will and windborn determination. We loved everything. Hope you all met Jess the dog from the beach with the cows on.

Name:Bruce H. Matson <>
Date:26th Mar 2006
Location:Richmond, Virginia
Comments:Great site to give attention to a beautiful place. I am interested in sharing with others family resaerch materials, particularly of the Campbell families from Muck and Tiree. (Emigrated to Cape Breton circa 1820s.) Among our other Muck relatives are some MacLeans and MacKinnons and from Tiree (Cornaigmore), the Gibson family. Bruce Matson

Name:Michael Anderson <>
Date:16th Mar 2006
Comments:Me and my late father John Anderson and the late Gordon Wilson and his son Gary Wilson who is still alive, ah!one more The giant, wee Colin Mackenzie all built a house there in 1980 I was 21 then like wise Gary. John Lowe was the name of the man we built the house for. A memory I shall never forget the rest of my life thank you for that erra. Mick.

Name:Ali Muck
Date:10th Feb 2006
Location:Fort-william Caol
Comments:Hi to everyone see you soon

Name:Keith Harrison <>
Date:6th Jan 2006
Comments:Stayed several days with Rosie Soutter in summer 2005 after arriving by the private ferry from Tobermory and then departing to Eigg. Really lovely island. It may be 1 mile by 2 as the crow flies but a complete walk of the coast must be 15 miles. My thanks also to the ladies in the excellent tea for the truly excellent evening meals & the delicious chilled Deuchars. See you summer 2006.

Name:Doris Magovern <>
Date:30th Dec 2005
Comments:I just discovered this Website and it is wonderful. We went to Muck in 2002 where my ancesters once lived (Louchin and Catherine MacMillan). It is a charming Island and I am now doing a painting of it.

Name:Tony Kitchen <>
Date:27th Dec 2005
Location:Blackburn Lancashire uk
Comments:Interesting site, I have landed on muck a couple of times now as a break from scuba diving expeditions and visited the cafe.
The whole areas very inspiring.

Name:Magnus <>
Date:22nd Dec 2005
Comments:Hi just having a look about the site as a pal of mine from travelling was from this isle! Very interesting!

Name:Mrs Paddy Neville
Date:21st Dec 2005
Location:Surrey, England
Comments:I have been searching for years to find out what happened to my great Aunt, Isabella Tait Johnstone, who married Ebenezer Thorburn. Her father Charles married secondly my great grandmother in 1865. Thank you.

Name:wbollen <>
Date:9th Dec 2005
Comments:hello ouyt there //'\

Name:becci amy graham <>
Date:1st Dec 2005
Comments:hi the pics are nice you could have some of the residents thoe like my dad john morrise you might know him

Name:Matthew Millard <>
Date:29th Nov 2005
Location:Shelbyville, KY
Comments:Sounds charming.
Yes, I have ancestor(s) from Muck, my mother's mother's mother's family, MacMillan. She came to the Boston area from Nova Scotia to be a nanny and married a man named McCullough who ran a dairy in Waltham, Mass. One of his daughters married a merchant marine seaman, Lester Pease, who became a customs agent in New Bedford and later Boston. His daughter, Jane is my mother--all thanks to the Isle of Muck.

Name:Kathy Millard <>
Date:27th Nov 2005
Location:Shelbyville, KY
Comments:Hello Anne! I am so glad you have this website, because my husband's family is from the isle of Muck. Now I know where it is located off the coast of Scotland, and a little more about it. I have some ancestors from Scotland, too. I was trying to find out my family tartan plaid design today. Sincerely, Kathy

Name:Jerry D. McAfee <>
Date:14th Nov 2005
Location:Monette, Arkansas USA
Comments:Muck sure sounds like a quaint place to visit. I will try to put it on my places to visit on my next trip to Scotland.

Name:D. Allan MacKinnon <>
Date:5th Nov 2005
Location:South Conway, NH USA
Comments:This site provides a most enjoyable and informative view of the island. Looking forward to visiting Muck in the future, and showing my daughter Eilidh where her people are from (via Cape Breton)

All the best!

Name:eze mgbada <>
Date:4th Nov 2005
Comments:nice site thanks

Name:Guido Blokland <>
Date:6th Oct 2005
Comments:Nice site, great pics. Been on Muck a few times, in 1995 and 2000. Sweet little place, you can walk round it in a few hours. Was very sorry to hear of the loss of Brian Walters (was it in 2003?) from his boat. For such a small community, it was a heavy blow. Take care

Name:Steph Atchison <>
Date:17th Sep 2005
Location:Cranbrook, B. C. Canada
Comments:We find that our Great Great Grandfather immegrated to Canada from here. Very nice webpage..Thankyou

Name:Warren Gardner MacDonald <>
Date:16th Sep 2005
Location:Jupiter, Florida USA
Comments:Fantastic site! Wish I was there right now instead of siting in front of hurricanes all summer.
My paternal gggrandfather, Laughlin MacKinnon, was born on the Isle of Muck in 1824 and his wife, Catherine Campbell was born on the Isle of Mull in 1812. They came to Nova Scotia in 1828.
One day I hope to visit Muck, Mull and Edinburg where my grandmother, Janet Gardner was born in 1878.
All the best

Name:Maire Devlin<>
Date:3rd Jul 2005
Location:Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland
Comments:Gorgeous website- does justice to the wild beauty of the island.
My hubby, Mark, sold a painting to an islander today! I can`t remember the lady's name, but it was a couple with 2 young children, they are doing felt-making on the island, and they bought a scene of Muck from us at a stall sale at Thirlstane castle!
I so glad you liked the picture, and we hope to visit Muck soon for a wee holiday (and to do some painting and look for interesting seaweeds!). Ian Ketchin is my friend Lucy's dad, by the way.. it's such a small world!
All the best,
Maire, from Roslin

Date:1st Jul 2005
Comments:We stayed in the yurt for a long weekend at the beginning May 2005 and had the most wonderful time. What a wonderful island and what warm, welcoming people.
Thank you!

Name:Maxi Dalla Fontana <>
Date:30th May 2005
Location:Santa Fe, Argentina
Comments:I stayed there in 1996 onboard of Eda Frandsen, a wonderful old cutter.
We were there just for a day and a night, but I always remember that quietly and friendly isle.
Someone who lived in the isle said, I was the first argentinean he knew I walked it on.

Date:19th Apr 2005
Comments:oh yes - i remember Archie's christening there and the look on my friend's face when she was told that the ferry to Muck from Mallaig was footpassenger only with a transfer into a wee boat too!! I have certainly enjoyed my visits to the island.

Name:Myrna Coubrough MacKay
Date:13th Mar 2005
Location:Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Comments: What a great site! My husband's McKay and McLean ancestors came from Rum in about 1810 and settled at Broad Cove (now Inverness) in Cape Breton. Other McLean and McKinnon ancestors came later, on both the "Dove of Harmony," and the "St. Lawrence." We will be in Stirling this summer for a family reuion of my Coubrough cousins, and we hope to visit both Rum and Muck during the trip.

Name:Gord McKay <>
Date:2nd Mar 2005
Location:North Bay, Ontario
Comments:I am looking for any information on the ship "Commerce" that sailed from the Isle of Muck via Tobermory to Cape Breton in 1822. I believe gggrandfather Donald McKay, who came to Lake Ainslie was aboard. I would greatly appreciate any information Thanks.

Name:Alicia Roberts <>
Date:23rd Feb 2005
Comments:I have been researching my MacLean line for quite a few years now and have established that my 5 x great grandfather was Donald MacLean,[5th of Muck], who died in Edinburgh 31 Aug 1790. Three years before he died Lachlan, his only child by his first wife, who had returned from the Americas after fighting with the 84th Highland Emigrant Regiment for the King in the War of Independance, agreed to relieve his father of his substantial debts incurred in raising money in Bond against the security of parts of the island and take ownership of his land. Lachlan thus became the 6th of Muck. However the debts mounted and despite negotiating many tacks for various of the farms on the Island and borrowing money in bond against more parcels of land he eventually had to sell off the island at £3000 under the market value as he was being pressed by his creditors. The sale failed to clear his committments and he lived with a debt burden for the rest of his life. How he brought up 12 children I cannot imagine particularly when I read the numerous letters he wrote during that period of his life when seeking the support and recommendations of various individuals [Lord Melville; Robert Dundas & Lord Gray] for better paid government positions. When he retired from active service as Commanding Officer [Lt Col] of the Breadalbane Fencibles, he became Barrack Master at Berwick and latterly Major and Deputy Governor of the Tower of London. Eventually his creditors had him committed to prison [having been arrested out side the Tower of London by the Sgts of the Mace of the Sheriff of London. He died shortly after in 1816 and is buried in the Church of St Peter ad Vincula within the Tower of London, wherein a tablet in his memory was erected by his children.

Sorry to go on at length but someone else with a family connection may be interested - I do have considerable information on the family - almost to the present date on some lines - and will willingly help anyone who believes they have a family link and need to explore this.

I like very much your very interesting and artistic Web Page - I only wish I had seen it long before now!!

One of these days I intend to visit- so far I've only been to Coll and made the Small Islands day boat trip.

Best wishes
Alicia Roberts

Name:Neil McDermid <>
Date:13th Feb 2005
Location:Babraham ; Cambridgeshire
Comments:What a lovely place. I wish I could make my home there.(We have come from South Africa and have been in the UK for 4 years). My wife is a teacher and I'm an electrician, what do think our chances are of making a living? Many thanks for taking the time to make this web site.
Neil Mcdermid

Name:Roger Kemp <>
Date:5th Feb 2005
Location:New Zealand
Comments:Great to see info on Muck. My mother was a McMillan, whom I have info about her
G.G Grandfather(Donald McMillan) was born on Muck in 1786.
I would love to get to Muck some day

Name:Carla <>
Date:2nd Feb 2005
Comments:HHHHHeeeeeeeelllllllloooo!!! I visited Muck last year with my friend Katherine (in the guest book she is signed as smiler) and i thought it was amazing, very different from other holidays i've been on. The beaches are great.

Name:Megan McEwen
Date:4th Jan 2005
Location:Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Comments:I am doing a speach for my English class and being a McEwen I find that doing a speach on something that is in my heritage will be fun. I needed information and I got alot...thanks!

Name:Christina Merrick <>
Date:21st Oct 2004
Comments: Muck looks beautiful,the site is very interesting. My grand-father Hugh MacLean Russell with his wife Mary Ann MacKinnon and their family,including my late father also Hugh MacLean Russell resided on Muck sometime between 1916 and the 1920s, I think. My grandfather had something to do with Highland cattle, he was born at Loch Don Isle-of-Mull and worked also on Canna and Rhum. I would be grateful for any information. Chrissie.

Date:14th Sep 2004
Comments: I love the Isle of Muck, I go there every year with my family. My grandmother lives there and her 2nd cousins actually own the island. I've been taking my friends there for the last couple of years and the absolutely love it, even though it isn't something that they normally do. The three places that you should go when visiting is: Ben Airen, Camas Mor and Shell Bay (Gallanach Bay is on route if you take the road part of the way) Views that can be seen are the outer-Hebrides (on a clear day) Rum, Canna, Eigg and Skye. It is a good place to go with or without family. i'm 15 and i've been going since the age of 4 months.

Name:Anne Dove
Date:12th Aug 2004
Comments: I am about to go to Muck for the weekend with my family and this website has been a good way of finding out where I am about to go. Thanks a lot.

Name:pip macewen <>
Date:30th Jul 2004
Comments: brilliant website I didnt know you had set this up anne - great to see you both hope the job hunting is going well love Pip

Name:Ian Brodie <>
Date:29th Jul 2004
Comments: We had a brilliant day in Muck a couple of weeks ago. It was a tuesday and we came over from Kilchoan. It is a Beautiful plave with lovely people, one who has a great 3 wheeled bicycle.

Name:greg shepherd <>
Date:25th Jul 2004
Comments: I visited Muck back in 1969 when I was backpacking throughout the U.K. I met the Richardsons (Mike, Joan, and their kids, Freya and Duncan) in Glasgow at a Quaker Meeting. They invited me up for a week or so and I've never forgotten it. Just looking at the photos on your site brings memories flooding back. The Richardson moved long ago to Jura where I've visited them over the years. Still waiting for them to come out to Hawaii. I'd love to see Muck again. Lawrence MacEwen, if you're reading this, I helped you with the hay one morning. Quite a workout! Cheers to all,
Greg Shepherd

Name:Norma Napoleone <>
Date:23rd Jul 2004
Comments: Was fortunate enough to visit Muck in 1998. Desire to return for a few days instead of a few hours. My g grandfather, Thomas "Ruadh" Thorburn farmed on Muck, and grandfather John was born on Muck they emegrated to Nova Scotia and settled in Halifax. Grandpa John always wanted to return to Muck to live, he missed it so much.

Name:John A. C. Wilson <>
Date:19th Jul 2004
Comments: I am a descendant of the Campbells who emigrated to Inverness County in Cape Breton

Name:Al Mac an t-Sealgair <>
Date:14th Jun 2004
Comments: Gle mhath, chord e math rium, Al

Name:John Piercey MacLean <>
Date:18th Jun 2004
Comments: One of my G-g-g Grandmothers born on Muck 1812-1874 She married Murdock Campbell (Uist) and came to CAnada in 1831 settled on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia. Thanks for the information on the Island.

Name:Denise Adams <>
Date:13th Jun 2004
Comments: As a child, I lived for a time with my grandfather Charles Arthur Maclean who was heir to Muck through his father Herbert Arthur who came to Australia in the 1850s. His elder son Wallace Bruce Maclean died in September last year. He had a son by his first marriage Graham Bruce Maclean, and a stepson Graeme (dec.) by his second marriage. Denise Adams

Name:Lawrie and Vanessa Hall <>
Date:25th May 2004
Comments: Hello - we use to come to Muck in the 80's when the boys were small and stay in Pier House. Now they're in their 20s, we thought we'd come again in 2005 - is pier house still for rent? - Pier House is currently being done up and will be occupied permanently when it is finished, there are other cottages available on the island
Anyway, good luck to you all.
Lawrie and Vanessa

Name:Diane MacDonald <>
Date:22nd Apr 2004
Comments: My 5xgreat grandfather emigrated from the Isle of Muck in the late 1700's or early 1800's. There were 9 sons of Captain John MacDonald who came to Canada. I wondered if there was any records to trace these men in parish records or if you could give me any ideas. I really would like to find out more about this family, Their father Captain John MacDonald was instrumental in Britain winning the Battle of The Plains of Abraham At Quebec thus securing North America for Great Britain.If you have any ideas on this you can reach me at
Diane MacDonald

Name:Lynda <>
Date:13th Apr 2004
Comments: I'm glad to see this web site! My Mum and I are currently looking for info about her side of the family who are MacMillan's and they originated from Muck. My grandparents are from Nova Scotia, Cape Breton around various places one of which is Lake Ainslie. I'll update when I have it narrowed down some more.

Name:Rainer Maria Muck <>
Date:5th Apr 2004
Comments: Hi,
I bet I'll be there some time!

Name:Marsaili Fraser <>
Date:28th Mar 2004
Comments: Have visited a number of times and the island is absolutely beautiful. See you again this summer!!

Name:Christina Scott <>
Date:5th Mar 2004
Comments: One of my favourite holidays.
My family visited almost 30 years ago. I still have great memories of our time there.
We stayed in Gallanach Bay in a wonderful house (I still remember the smell of cedar from the wood cladding), where we had free range eggs and enjoyed the wonderful lamb.
I saw my first seals in Galanach Bay - they were within a couple of yards of us.
A truly memorable getaway holiday.

Name:James Mac Kinnon <>
Date:24th Feb 2004
Comments: My anschors came from Muck in 1820 I believe to be correct and came over here on the ship"Commerce" I am not sure if that is the correct name but I do have the info on this and the correct ship's name back this far but don't know family in muck in 1820 at that time. I believe their main livehood was some kind of seaweed harvest. thanks

Name:Alex <>
Date:5th Feb 2004
Comments: Hi there,
Just been looking at the pictures of Muck. I was there a few years ago. I see that the new pier has started. Is it finished yet? Has the new boat at Mallaig used it? - both the new pier and the new boat from Mallaig (Loch Nevis) are in use. The pier opened in April 2004
Hope all is well in Muck.
Alex Mathieson

Name:Petah Beverley <>
Date:2nd Feb 2004
Comments: I was very interested to read the guestbook entry made by ROBERT THORBURN on 20th December, 2003. I am also descended from Ebenezer Bradshaw Thorburn who took over the lease of Muck when his father James died in 1864. I am a great grandaughter of his eldest son James b.1859 who also migrated to Sydney(date?). James and Mary Knowles had eight children,number 4, Ebenezer Bradshaw Wallace Thorburn b.1890 was my grandfather. His only child, Robert Bradshaw Thorburn was my father.
Although I have known for a long time that my ggrandfather came from Muck, it is only recently that I have become interested in their contribution to the history of the island. Information is hard to come by. An article in 'The Scots Magazine' Nov 1984 does not even acknowledge their stewardship of Muck despite the census records of 1851, 1861 and 1871.
I am interested to learn more and thanks for the great photos on your website.

Name:david duncan craig <>
Date:21st Jan 2004
Comments: just found your site,looks great. was there about 15-20 years ago and my dad 15 years before that. We are decendants of Donald McMillan (m Flora McKinnon)We'll be back
Dave Craig

Name:Linda Penny <>
Date:20th Jan 2004
Comments: Great site. Mother was Jessie Campbell (Brother Edward A Campbell) from East Lake Ainslie.

Name:Robert Thorburn <>
Date:30th Dec 2003
Comments: I have just found your web site and it's great. My G.G.Grandfather James Thorburn is shown on the 1851 Census of Muck together with my G.G.Grandmother Susannah (nee Johnston) and sons David and Alexander. James and Susannah had a total of 11 children, one of them , my G.Grandfather Ebenezer Bradshaw Thorburn took over the lease of Muck when James died in 1864. My Grandfather Robert Thorburn (one of eight children) was born on Muck in 1870 and migrated to Sydney in the 1880's. I have quite a bit of information on my side of the Sydney Thorburns. My wife and I were in the UK last year but only got to Skye as we were on a tour but we intend to go to Muck in June 2004 as we will be touring UK for a month by car.

Name:Rainer Maria Muck <>
Date:18th Dec 2003
Comments: Nobody knows where my name comes from. we always used to be called Muck. lived in bavaria and australia. our roots, however, are unknown. maybe one of my great-great grandfathers came from the island.
Want to get there once.

Name:Jim Murray <>
Date:6th Dec 2003
Comments: Greetings to all those on Muck and those who are descended from Muck stock. My great, great , great grandfather was John Maclean from Muck and his son John Ian, was my great great grandfather. John was married to Sarah MacAskill of Eigg daughter of Rev. Malcolm MacAskill, Minister for the parish of the Small Isles. - Rev. Malcolm MacAskill died in 1787, so Sarah who was born ~1806 couldn't have been his daughter
An addendum. I was interested to see my ancestors in the census, particularly the 1861 report which shows also, my great, great grandmother Margaret Margaret (Nee Nicol) and my great grandmother Helen who was married to a Watt. Interestingly, my mother's names are Margaret Helen, after her gandmother and great grandmother. I wonder if there are any others out there with the same ancestry. My great, great, great grandfather was Duncan MacLean the Innkeeper on Muck.

Name:Colin Macgregor Stevens MVPA 954 <>
Date:29th Nov 2003
Comments: I'm researching McKay families who came from the Isle of Muck to the Cape Mabou and Strathlorne area of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Our McKays apparently left the Isle of Muck in the 1820s on board the "St. Lawrence".
Interestingly I'm on the West coast of Canada and our McKays came to the East Coast of Canada to the West coast of Cape Breton Island (Mabou and Strathlorne) in Nova Scotia, Canada - about 3,000 miles away from where I now live. Surprisingly, right here in Burnaby, BC I found Neil MacKay, a second cousin, once removed in my Rotary Club! He and my mother had the same great-grandfather - "Red" Alexander McKay (1838-1902). He is in the same Rotary club as I am in, and he lives less than a mile from the museum where I work!
Through Neil MacKay (including a tree done by Lesley MacKay of Bantford, Ontario, Canada), I now have some names, dates and places to further investigate.

Name:Sandy Campbell <>
Date:24th Jun 2003
Comments: My mother's aunt and her husband lived on Muck (as did their family).
The names I remember are Charlie and Jessie MacDonald (Mother's cousins).
Charlie's daughter and her husband moved back to Muck in 1970's and I believe the husband was lost at sea with Charlie. - It wasn't Charlie who was lost at sea, but another muck islander.
The family link is James Campbell (mother's grandfather) from Eigg. One of his daughters married a Macdonald and lived on Muck.
Mr. L. MacEwen attended the funeral of my Great Aunt on Eigg (1974???).
Seems so long ago.

Name:Colin Macgregor Stevens <> or <>
Date:20th Jun 2003
Comments: An interesting web site. I believe my McKay ancestors came from the Isle of Muck and ended up at Mabou and Strathlorne, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. They intermarried with other McKay, McAskill and Beaton families in Cape Breton. Much more research remains to be done.
My web site is

Name:tracey and marek dobiecki <>
Date:14th Jun 2003
Comments: we like the look of muck, pity we didn't know about it last year when we were in the U.K. Will definitely have a squizz next time we visit the rels in Yorkshire. Is Muck far from Stornaway? - We have a sister in law that hails from there.

Name:Paul <>
Date:11th May 2003
Comments: just love to live in such a place

Name:Jessica <>
Date:26th Mar 2003
Comments: I love to read about the Isle of Muck, the Hebrides, Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name:Regina Bulloch <>
Date:25th Mar 2003
Comments: I have just married a man from Glasgow and moved here from America. We are taking our first trip to Muck, Eigg, and Skye in June and are looking forward to it. Every picture we see looks beautiful and I just can't wait to see it in person.

Name:Jean Blanton <>
Date:11th Mar 2003
Comments: My great great grandparents ( MacKay ) came from the Isle of Muck.

Name:debra prince <>
Date:21st Jan 2003
Comments: The only thing I would like to know is,a few years ago on the daily news there was a young couple moving over to your island to live, just would like to know if they are still there. I also would like to know if there is much employment and housing.

Name:roger butler <>
Date:18th Jan 2003
Comments: We camped on Muck for three nights in June 1994 and explored all of the island. We hope to come back some time. For some reason the regular ferry link between Eigg and Muck wasn't working and we "hitched" a ride from Eigg, almost touching a Minke Whale on the way over. One morning we looked out of our tent and saw the Hebridean Princess offshore, just about to land a few visitors. I was having a wash in the stream, so not sure what they thought of me since they were all dressed in their posh tweeds! We had big bonfires on the beach and tramped right round all the coastline. I had wanted to visit Muck ever since catching the Hebridean bug roundabout 1970, and it was always so difficult to get hold of any pictures or photos of the island. I found one in a magazine once showing cows relaxing on the beach at Gallanach, and used it in my school project on the Hebrides! So it's amazing to see all the photos now on the website, which I'll now start to dip into.

Name:Ann Waine <>
Date:9th Jan 2003
Comments: I`m dotty about the Hebrides. Will read almost anything (not an insult to your site by the way!) I have had the privilege to visit Muck and think it is one of the `best kept` islands in the Hebrides. I have a feeling that the `Laird` really loves his island. Good luck with the site.

Name:Kirstie Schraffenberger <>
Date:1st Jan 2003
Comments: Someday I'll get to Muck!
Great website, thanks!

Name:ted wilde <>
Date:22nd Dec 2002
Comments: Not actually visited yet.
Have had two non landing trips over from Mallaig the most recent being on Wednesday 27th November on Loch Nevis. Only 6 passengers on outbound and 9 on return.
Picked up one passenger from Muck - a lady music teacher from Ardnamurchan, who was returning home after teaching on the island.
Very big swell that day and I didn't think that the small tender could transfer any mail let alone a passenger. Was very surprised when she arrived on board. Took some photos which I have e-mailed to the island. Hope that she received them.
Hope next year to make it to the island for a couple of nights (weather permitting)
Happy Christmas to everyone on Muck

Ted Wilde

Name:W.Campbell <>
Date:24th Nov 2002
Comments: My ancestors came from Isle of Muck cira 1820, 1821.