Isle of Muck History

Last Updated 13th Mar 2021

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My mother and I have been researching the history of the Isle of Muck in Scotland. This website is to allow other people access to some of the resources which we have discovered to be useful.

Muck is a small island off the west coast of Scotland and is one of the Small Isles (the others are Eigg, Rum and Canna). The island is about two miles long by one mile wide (approximately 1500 acres) and currently has a population of about 34 although it was much higher in the past: it was 144 in 1764 and 68 in 1841.

Muck is part of the Small Isles Parish. Up until 1892 Muck was part of Argyllshire but after 1892 it became part of Invernesshire.

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New: Obituary for Jessie Violet (Val) Barber (nee Stewart) born 1929 Muck
Position of Muck in Scotland

Map of the Isle of Muck

Map of Muck
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Dark green is land over 50 metres, light green is land of under 50 metres altitude and red is the road.
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